Below are snippets taken from some of the feedback received from management, teams and clients. A full list of recommendations can be found on the LinkedIN public profile.

Your strengths in customer service and professionalism are to be commended.  You a great reflection of our team values and spirit. Ivana D., Director, City of Mississauga

Ali works diligently to deliver, consistently going above and beyond expectations. An absolute pleasure to have on the team! Kristina Z., Area Manager, City of Mississauga

Ali was very patient managing the many content revisions from multiple people, and his attention to the details that others often overlook really impressed me. With a calm & patient approach he is always able to offer insight and seek consensus in a thoughtful way that only comes from a real professional. Rob C., Manager, City of Mississauga

Ali has a calm, professional, and respectful demeanor with clients which facilitated easy dialogue, especially during brainstorming sessions. Robert S., Program Manager, City of Mississauga

I found him to be a highly skilled and effective Business Systems Analyst. David S., IT Project Manager, City of Mississauga

Ali brought a wealth of technical skills, and outstanding communication skills, yet he was very humble. Brian C., Manager, Messageware Inc.

Ali is a very dedicated professional, who is a strong team builder and team member; he naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for all those around him. Kristine C., Technical Analyst, Messageware Inc.

I’ve watched his interactions with clients and he handled all communications with a calm demeanor and a get-it-done attitude. Ali is great at finding the root of problems and taking ownership of getting to the solution. Amrita G., VP Marketing, Messageware Inc.